• Delivery is made during normal business hours in the various countries of destination, on weekdays.

• Delivery is made throughout Europe by DHL express courier for packages up to 30 kg (volumetric calculation).

• We deliver all over the world

• Additional costs may be applied if the recipient does not have the necessary means to unload the materials or is not present within one hour of the vehicle's arrival. The above conditions apply even if the destination cannot be reached with standard vehicles (e.g. due to particularly low bridges, areas subject to environmental constraints, etc.).

• Delivery is normally carried out according to the terms "DAP Incoterms 2010 - Delivered at Place" (delivery to the place of destination, excluding import declarations, VAT, customs duties and any additional local taxes).

• DDP and FCA conditions are not accepted

• Where possible, we ask you to indicate the broker's details of the country of destination and any other necessary information (eg import license numbers, etc.).


• Any visible damage must be noted on the transport document (or on a laptop in case of transport document of the shipper) provided by the shipper before signing the receipt of the materials.

• Any hidden damage must be reported within seven calendar days of receipt of the materials.

• The damaged materials subject to the complaint must be kept at the customer's premises and / or returned to the sender for verification. In the event of damage, contact your local Rollycarp representative for instructions on the procedure to be carried out.


• Make a note of any missing packages on the shipping document of the shipper. In the absence of written notes, no claim can be presented later. Any cases of missing materials, delays and damages are governed by the conditions of sale in the current country of Italy and by the CMR convention in the rest of the world.

• The unloading of the goods and the risk of damage during unloading are the responsibility of the customer as set out in our delivery conditions.

• Any costs incurred during transport for reasons beyond our control will be invoiced later (eg costs for customs inspections or penalties for import customs clearance, as appropriate).

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