F.M. Custom Pod Version 4 Rods -...
F.M. Custom Pod Version 4 Rods -...
F.M. Custom Pod Version 4 Rods -...

F.M. Custom Pod Version 4 Rods - Purple Model

F.M. Custom Pod Version 4 Rods , Purple Model



F.M. Custom Pod was born from the idea of ​​creating a compact, extremely versatile and light product, weighing only 2 kg, suitable for fishermen who need to carry the minimum necessary for their fishing session, for fishermen who have to move during the day to the search for our beloved carp.

Made entirely of black or colored anodized aluminum, to make it inert to atmospheric agents and wear. the rod pod consists of a three foot adjustable in 3 different angles, the length of the legs varies from 30 cm to a maximum of 60 cm.

The main central tube has a diameter of 25mm and varies from a length of 50cm to a maximum of 90cm. the indicator / rod rest levers have a distance between centers of 18cm, and they too are made of anodized aluminum. the central joint allows you to adjust the rod pod at 360 ° in any direction, allowing the right set up in all situations. Equipped with tips with hole for pegs, to anchor it strongly to the ground.

The rod pod is sold with a large transport bag.


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