Birdfood Natural Yellow 5 Kg

Birdfood Natural Yellow 5 Kg

Birdfood Natural Yellow 



Pack of 5 kg of soft yellow Birdfood of an intense yellow color with medium grain

In its sweet taste the taste of honey stands out, its main properties make it a good food for every type of mix both nutritional and attractive as it is able to help the mix bond and improve the conveyance in water of the attractive constituents of the come out through the sugars that constitute it; particularly suitable in mixes in which the sweet taste is fundamental, it goes well with each ingredient and in association with other pastoncini. It is very effective when used in stick mixes.

Dosage: 20-30%


bakery products, products and by-products of vegetable origin, cereals, oils and fats, sugars, seeds, yeasts, minerals, molluscs and crustaceans, egg and egg-based products, natural flavors.

Analysis - Analysis:

Proteins - Proteins 9%

Fat - Fats 13%

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